About ECFP

The health of our patients takes definitive priority. We are centered on

  • lasting, caring relationships with patients and their families.
  • listening to your concerns, answer your questions, and respect your priorities.
  • We have always focused on consistent, high quality care throughout the company. Our primary care office in Cary continue to receive the highest quality marks available from health insurance providers.

    With our Patient-Centered Medical Home standards in place, patients can be assured that their primary care physician will take a lead in working with all the necessary specialists to provide complete care.

    Medical Home Responsibilities

    Our practice is responsible for coordinating patient care across multiple settings.

    The practice functions most effectively as a medical home if patients/families provide a complete medical history and information about care obtained outside the practice.

    Our care team gives the patient/family access to evidence-based care and self management support.

    Tools, Technology and Standards

    Delivering quality care takes extensive resources from behind the scenes, that often are not easily recognized by patients.

    Let’s start with technology. We use EHR that supports physicians and clinical staff in documenting and tracking all critical details of health vitals and treatment of each patient. It allows for superior care management and follow-up that was simply not possible with static paper charts. Additionally, we capture health information in a way that allows for meaningful use. In the future, this data will advance and improve care and treatment for many diseases and chronic conditions.

    The EHR technology has also supported our providers in implementing a national program, Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) that brings a formal, consistent process to managing care of patients.