Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)

What is Patient Centered Medical home (PCMH)?

This concept is part of a national movement designed to create a system where every patient has one provider who serves as their "home" or home base, handling every aspect of your care. This physician will serve as one central point of contact for your care team and manage everything from test results, medications and care with specialists of any type. This means a patient would work to develop a trusting relationship with one doctor that they choose to coordinate every aspect of their care, over time.

If I participate, what does this mean to me?

In every day terms, participation means that your care will be simpler to manage and include more of a connection with the doctor you choose to serve as your "home" physician. This one doctor will have a comprehensive snapshot of your health at all times, including medications, test results, immunizations and other records. He or she will work more closely with you to halt potential health challenges before they grow and support you if you need care from a specialist of any kind. Beyond the peace of mind and ease this expanded relationship can bring you, this is an opportunity to know that you are joining us in making a positive change in our healthcare system, creating both better care and greater value.

What do I have to do?

Most of the change involved in this program comes from our physicians, who will focus more closely on your needs beyond the immediate. As our patient, we would like to ask you to join us in signing a simple pledge that has no legal or financial commitment whatsoever, but simply says that you are willing to work with us to take this concept further and work to improve your care. The pledge indicates that your doctor is making a commitment to take the time to expand his or her role in helping you navigate any healthcare needs you have. Once you review and sign the pledge, please return it to us.

Are there any costs? Will this change my insurance or impact my care or costs for care?

Absolutely not. This program will help us take our successes in patient care to a higher level and we'd value your time participating. By joining us and taking the pledge with us, you are simply committing to allow your doctor to take on this higher level of care as your partner. There are no costs, no impacts on insurance or any other changes.

Why is ECFP participating?

We want to be part of this movement because it will help us build better care and create greater value for our patients. At ECFP, our entire team is dedicated not only to superior care, but to the concept of being good stewards of the healthcare system. This program will help us create an environment where doctors view success in terms of the overall health of their patients and their quality of life, and not the number of patients they see.

How does the program improve care?

This movement changes incentives and rewards physicians for keeping their patients healthy, not for the number of services provided. It creates incentives for doctors to guide patients further into the process of care, knowing that success is measured not by the number of people they see each day, but by how healthy their patients are in their daily lives.

If I have questions about this, what should I do?

If you have any questions about the program, please talk to your doctor during your next visit.

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